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Virtual Sully

Virtual Visit

Discover the castle through virtual visit with Marguerite de Béthune - daughter of the Duke of Sully - as your guide. Very good visit from home! Texts are only in French, but you can discover the interiors !

Visit the Castle and Discover Its History in Virtual Mode

In the framework of the valorisation of its patrimony, the Loiret signe in March a partnershipconvention with the Google Cultural Institute for the castle of Sully. Goal : making the Loiret's patrimony more accessible to a wider range of people and develop the valorisation of the castle by giving it an international visibility. Thanks to the digital tools and technologies implemented by Google, you can now visit the castle online, admire images in ultra HD of the Psyché curtain, discover thematical virtual exhibitions.

The Castle in 3D

In the framework of the Loiret's partnership with the Google cultural Institute, you candiscover an astonishing 3D view of the castle of Sully. To do that, planes equiped withcameras flew above the castle to take vertical and 45° photographs to model into 3D the exterior architecture of the location. To visualize this in Google Maps or Google Earth, yousimply need to activate the satellite mode.

Visit the Castle in 360°

Thanks to the Street view capture technologies, you can visit the castle's outdoors and indoorsin an innovative and interactive way. From your computer or smartphone screen, places usually closed to the public are exceptionnally opened for you (towers and moats). To access this visit on your computer, you need to go through Google Maps and activate the Street View mode. You can also access the visit in enhanced reality with you smartphone by downloading the Street View App on the App Store or on Google Play. After finding the castle of Sully, you just have to put your phone into a special enhancedreality headset as seen on the cardboard. The result isfairly impressive!

The Tapisseries of Psyché in Ultra-High Definition

Thanks to the technologies of ultra-HD takes set up by Google, dive into the heart of the 10 tapestries of the Psyché curtain in the castle exhibit ans discover by zooming the details of this remarkable ensemble of the XVIIth century

  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché and his sisters
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché and the old man abruptly jumping from the Styx’s waters
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché and Zéphyr
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché at Cérès’ temple
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché in Charon’s boat
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché tells his sisters his misfortune
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché comes back with sheeps’ wool
  • Preview of the tapisserie Wedding Procession
  • Preview of the tapisserie The people pay his respect to Psyché
  • Preview of the tapisserie Psyché exposed on the mountain

Three Virtual Exhibitions to Discover

The castle of Sully finally offers to discover 3 thematical virtual exhibitions online. Those exhibitions are realized thanks to an important documentary fund, with more than 200 images uploaded on line on Google Cultural Institute’s website. Within the next months, other exhibitions will be created by the castle you will be abble to find on this page.

  • Preview of the Virtual Exhibition Sully during the gallant party
  • Preview of the Virtual Exhibition Maximilien de Béthune, a man with multiple responsabilities
  • Preview of the Virtual Exhibition Sully, Duke in his castle