Escape Game

The castle of Sully-sur-Loire offers a unique escape game!

Maximilien de Bethune’s objective was to restore the financial situation of France, but he was also the commander of the artillery. To advance his military projects, he called on a famous alchemist to improve the characteristics of gunpowder: make it more efficient and cheaper. But his plans may not take place because Maximilian fell ill. In reality, he would have been poisoned...

The situation is critical, his doctor does not give him more than an hour left to live… unless the alchemist finds an antidote. Fortunately, he’s at the castle!! But the alchemist is stabbed by a stranger...

You, apprentices alchemists have no choice. We must take over from your master, finish the preparation of the antidote and save Maximilian de Bethune! You have one hour, hurry!

Practical information 

  • Accessible to adults and adolescents over the age of 16. 10-16 must be accompanied by an adult

  • 4 to 6 players

  • During : 1 hour

  • Price : € 25 per person (the price include the visit of the castle)