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Le duc de Sully

The Duke of Sully

The Duke of Sully, young

Simplified timeline of the life of Sully:

  • 1559: Maximilien de Béthune was born in the castle of Rosny-sur-Seine (now in Yvelines)
  • 1572: On the occasion of Henry of Navarre’s marriage, the future Henry IV, Maximilien de Béthune was introduced to him; this was shortly before the Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (24 August 1572)
  • 1598: He was given the key position of Superintendent of finances
  • 1599: He became Grand Voyer or Master of the Roads, Superintendent of Fortifications and then Grand Master of the Artillery
  • 1602: Maximilien de Béthune purchased the castle of Sully-sur-Loire from Claude de La Trémoïlle
  • 1606: Maximilien de Béthune received the title of Duke of Sully and Peer of France. He was appointed Superintendent of Buildings
  • 1611: Six months after the assassination of Henry IV (14 May 1610), the Duke of Sully progressively resigned from all his offices
  • 1638: Oeconomies Royales, the Duke of Sully’s memoirs, were printed at the castle of Sully-sur-Loire
  • 1641: The Duke of Sully passed away at castle of Villebon (Eure-et-Loir) at the age of 82.